Leslie, Arkansas

I have now booked twice with We Massage and been disappointed both times. Once was because there was an excellent deal on Teambuy.ca (now NCrowd) for $69 for 6 1-hour massages which I used for a bachelorette party. I didn't realize at the time that I would be charged an additional $180 in service fees and taxes when I booked, but that was my own failing for not checking into it more thoroughly before buying. However, 1 of my 3 booked massage therapists never showed so our entire schedule for the bachelorette weekend was thrown off. Still, I tried to make the best of it (although they gave me no compensation whatsoever and actually tried to charge me more later for the extra time taken by the two who showed up).

Then, I booked an in-home couples massage for my in-laws for their anniversary a few months back. I have been corresponding with We Massage through e-mail regularly making sure everything ran smoothly and had multiple confirmations that the appointment was set for this afternoon. The woman who confirmed was one of the same two that had actually shown up last time so I wasn't too worried but the only reason I booked a second time at all was because I had an unused gift card.

Now, this other woman did not show up this afternoon for my in-laws' massages. There was no extra therapist to pick up the slack this time (I had booked two but never had the second one connect to the booking) and they waited around for nearly two hours for her to show up when they could have been enjoying their afternoon in Niagara Falls if only she had communicated with us somehow. I can understand something like this happening once as a misunderstanding, but twice in two bookings? This is an extremely unprofessional company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #956174

This company has SCAM written all over it. I paid $80 for three "gift cards", but when I tried to book online, no therapist took my booking.

Emails and phone calls go unanswered. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM wemassage.ca

to nwave Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1097256

We appreciate your business, and apologize if there had been a longer than anticipated delay, as it's never in anyones best interest, and the last thing we want is to aggravate any valued customer because the experience we provide is a very relating one day of, so want the booking process to be the same. The quantity of professionals vary city to city, and we offer many booking preferences, so depending the requirements; therapist gender, massage type, location, your preferred time / date etc, these can limit availability to a fewer number.

We offer the convenience of online booking, and if the reservation doesn't connect quickly we will do the needful to reach the team for some of their personal availability to offer you...

our team of therapists are truly amazing, and their efforts should be commended. It's preferred customers work with us to resolve any concern, as customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on, and if any reason for refund, we have no problem doing so.

Bianca H.


We Massage

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